Autoship is the method by which shipment of products to a consumer is done on a regular basis at certain intervals, which uses any form of automatic payment for transaction purposes. These products would be shipped periodically, on the basis of a standing order that has been made by the customer previously.

An autoship program would allow its customers to schedule when their products are shipped, on a recurring basis. This also allows the businesses to rake in repeat revenue without having to spend any more on any additional marketing expense, and without customer service effort. Autoship can help network marketing representatives with their commission levels.

There are many benefits to using autoship programs. Autoship programs allow the owner of the business to set a proper budget, and also help in projection of monthly sales figures. While using the Autoship feature, the firm would have an idea of what is in the queue, and this makes planning inventory and also fulfillment operations more effective, thus saving money. Also, a lot of marketing expense can be avoided, since remarketing of the product to the customers in order to get them back is no longer needed, since the products are shipped regularly to these customers. Customers who use the autoship option are committed to the program and use the products on a regular basis, and so they become advocates of the brand over time.